server optimization

A server system needs optimal tuning for consistently leveraging the best possible performance from all resources. With EVG, you will have the right optimizations for the right need for the best possible uptimes from your servers and applications.


server optimization

Systematic Monitoring

Systematic monitoring of load patterns, resource usage etc. give a clearer idea of possible anomalies in your servers and applications.

server optimization

Accurate Analysis

The optimization strategy of EVG is based on accurate analysis of inefficiencies.

server optimization

Maximum Leverage

With EVG, you will have maximum leverage from all available resources through efficient and efficacious management.

server optimization

Right Database Optimization

EVG’s server veterans are versed in applying the right level of optimization for the right need.

A typical server optimization package usually includes at least the following services. The actual optimizations will be based on the optimization strategy determined to deliver the best possible optimizations for your system. EVG’s optimization strategy is determined after meticulous systematic analysis and testing.

Our server optimization package includes:

server optimization

Web Server Configuration Tweaks

Fine-tunes your web server for the most optimum performance.

server optimization


With HTTP 2.0, you’ll have faster, responsive web pages and lower latencies with increased security.

server optimization

Gzip compression

Save up to 90% of page load data for higher web performance, user experience, and increased savings of host server bandwidth.

server optimization

Reverse Proxy Setup

Reverse proxy servers are rightly configured according to your needs for optimized performance and security.

server optimization

PHP accelerator

Using PHP accelerators can dramatically increase the performance of PHP applications

server optimization

Database Server Optimization

Database system variables are fine-tuned for the best possible performance after systematic monitoring of DB queries

server optimization

Database Cluster Setup

Database clusters are set up for high availability and improved performance.

server optimization

Mitigate Load spike

The causes of load spikes are ascertained after deep analysis, and appropriate remedial actions are performed.

server optimization

Tuning Virtual Memory

Virtual memory and kernel parameters are rightly tuned to get rid of all possible bottlenecks.

Server Optimization

Take a glance through the various services we offer and make a good start.

advanced server optimization plan


per server
  • Web Server Configuration Tweaks
  • HTTP/2
  • Gzip compression
  • Reverse Proxy Setup
  • PHP accelerator
  • Database Server Optimization
  • Database Cluster Setup
  • Mitigate Load spike
  • Tuning Virtual Memory
  • Tune Resource intensive processes
  • Firewall Fine Tuning